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Maxpulse MaxDim supplies FBOs, repair facilities, OEM, dealers, Internet supply companies, avionics facilities and others wanting to provide the latest technology to their customers. Contact us directly.

These units replace devices in a multitude of new and existing aircraft.  The MaxDim A-B-C-D-E-F and MaxPulse A-B are fully STC'd and PMA'd, all products are manufactured in the USA by Seaton Engineering in Spokane, Washington

All of the units on this website are RTCA/DO-160E, part 21, EMI Qualified

The features of these products are:

  • Very small profiles
  • All of the units have passed RTCA/DO-160E part 21 (EMI)
  • Different wiring options, Spade Lug or Ring Lug
  • Fully self contained
  • Run absolutely cool
  • No more 10 ohm hot rheostats
  • No complicated wiring
  • Most STC'd for many different aircraft.  STC status on each product page.
  • Have manufacturers warranty
  • Tested 4 times in production prior to shipment
  • No external heat sinks, clacking relays, or other packages requiring additional space and additional wiring.
  • Easier installation
  • Assembled in the USA by Seaton Engineering and MaxPulseMaxDim.
  • All parts for installation included
  • Have other applications in boats, emergency vehicles, dimmer great for LED lighting, pulser on vehicles etc.

The Micro Dimmer  is smaller and fits where others will not.  Replace those dimmers that will not handle LED's with good control.  Excellent PWM control of LED's and being used in Night Vision Goggle environments. Run absolutely cool.  Very small .9" square by 1.9" long with ring terminals.  Need something small due to panel space that will handle LED's, Nulites, EL or incandescent lighting?  This unit will do it all.  Need switching on the unit?  Call us.

Micro Pulse is small and can mount anywhere.  Controls LED, Incandescent, HID landing lights.  Up to 8A per circuit.  The Wig-Wag features and different rate selections make you more visible and safer than solid lighting alone.  All of the Micro devices are the same size and appearance.  They just look really good when you have Devices that look alike installed in your panel. 

MaxDim Mini  is perfect for new or replacement dimmers.  Replace those hot rheostats and other failure prone instrument panel dimmers.  Very small .85" square by 3.5" long with ring terminals.  Need something small due to panel space?  The Mini is the ticket.

The MaxDim Duo is perfect for replacement of those stacked rheostats.  The Duo will initially come with the ring lug terminals.

The MaxPulse with ring lugs. 

MaxPulseMaxDim.com  Please check out the individual product pages for the specifications and the MaxDim - MaxPulse purchase page for purchasing details.


Short Wing Piper

MicroDim with 2 channels, 1 for dimming and the other for switching position/nav. lights.  Replaces Short Wing Piper and other rheostats.  Excellent LED performance.

 Micro Dimmer
MicroDim with 1 or 2 channels in one package.   Great for tight instrument panels

Micro Pulse
MicroPulse control LED, Incandescent, HID landing lights, no heat sinks, no relays, all solid state

Ring lug MaxDim

Ring lug MaxPulse

Fully STC approved


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