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MicroDim Single and Dual Channel Dimmers
9100-001-I and 9100-001-J

MicroDim Single Dimmer

MicroDim Dual Dimmer


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RTCA/DO-160G Qualified
Sample approved 337

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P/N  9100-001-I and 9100-001-J
5 to 35 VDC, 0-7.5 A per channel, Control over 210 Watts In a .9" Inch square by 1.9" Package.

Complete compact, light weight, powerful, solid state dimmer.  Purchase

These dimmers can be programmed to fit most requirements.  If you have a special application, be sure to let us know.  Or if you require Switching on the dimmer, call us.  See the additional engineering link below for more information.


  • DUAL CHANNEL control of Lighting - P/N 9100-001-J
  • SINGLE CHANNEL control of Lighting - P/N 9100-001-I
  • These units are used on Night Vision helicopters do to their
    excellent control of LED lighting.
  • Instrument panel lighting control
  • Excellent control of Nulite instrument lighting
  • LED PWM dimmer, low range enhanced
  • RTCA/DO-160G SEC 21: RFE Qualified
  • Instrument Panels
  • Nulite dimmers
  • UMA dimmer, EL
  • LED Glare shields, overheads
  • Avion Glare shield dimmer
  • LED lit panels
  • Hundreds of DC Lighting Control applications
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Switching option information Click here
  • Made in the USA
MicroDim - Dimmer Control Unit


  • Voltage Range: 5VDC to 35VDC

  • Max Current: 7.5 A per channel

  • Dual channel device is the - "J"

  • Single channel device is the - "I"

  • Controlled Output: 5-35 VDC, 0 to 7.5 A, per channel

  • One or two channel units

  • Capacity:

    • 37.5 Watts @5 VDC each channel

    • 90 Watts @12 VDC each channel

    • 210 Watts @28 VDC each channel

    • 262 Watts @35 VDC each channel

  • Install with Standard Supplied solderless ring lug terminal

  • Potentiometer Rotation: 270 degrees Rotational Life: 500K Turns

  • Internal temperature Protect: +85 degrees C

  • Storage Temperature: -40 degrees C to +100 degrees C

  • Maximum Internal Temperature: @15A +15 degrees C

  • Enclosure Material: Avantra 8731 polystyrene Meets UL 94

  • Flame Rating: Meets UL94V-0 (@ 0.062"/1.5 mm min.) rating

  • Conforms to RTCA/DO-160G SEC 21: RFE (EMI)

  • One Year limited warranty

  • Weight: 1.31 oz including knobs

  • What's in the box?
    MaxDim Micro unit, installation instructions, color coded terminals,
    reference panel label, and knob/s.


MicoDim Dual Shown
.9" square by 1.9" long
Bushing 9mm by 6mm long
11mm long bushing available
2 knob concentric control for Dual channel
1 knob for Single Channel
Weight: 1.31 oz. with knobs

Have a special application?
Additional Engineering Information
Information on the Switching option

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