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Dim Short Wing Piper


MicroDim 9100-001-J  Rev. SWP
Short Wing Piper

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RTCA/DO-160G EMI Qualified
Sample approved 337

In Stock 5/10/2013
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MicroDim UNIT 
P/N  9100-001-J  Revision SWP
5 to 35 VDC, 0-7.5 A per channel, Control over 224 Watts per channel in a .9" Inch square by 1.9" Package.

Complete compact, light weight, powerful, solid state Dimmer and switch controller.  Purchase

The MicroDim Rev. SWP has all the functions you will need.  Dimming on one channel and switching on channel 2 for the position lights/navigation lighting is activated any time there is output on the dimming channel. 


  • DUAL CHANNEL control of Lighting - P/N 9100-001-P  Rev. SWP
    one dimming channel and one +V switching channel.
  • Smallest all self contained Dimmer/switch Lighting control
  • For Dimming on one channel and control of other switched lighting, position/navigation, relays, egress lighting, etc.
  • No outboard heat sinks, boxes, rheostats, or other packages
  • RTCA/DO-160G SEC 21: RFE Qualified
  • Incandescent lights, LED landing lights, HID
  • UMA dimmer, EL, LED Glare shields, overheads, Avion Glare shield dimmer
  • Low level LED lighting suitable for NVG
  • Hundreds of DC Lighting Control applications
  • Assembled Totally in the USA.

MicroDim - LED or Incandescent  light dimming with switched output


  • Voltage Range: 5VDC to 35VDC
  • Max Current: 7.5 A per channel
  • Controlled Output: 5-35 VDC, 0 to 7.5 A, per channel
  • Two channel units, 1 dimming, 1 switched
  • Capacity:
    • 37.5 Watts @5 VDC each channel
    • 90 Watts @12 VDC each channel
    • 210 Watts @28 VDC each channel
    • 262 Watts @35 VDC each channel
  • Install with Standard Supplied solderless ring lug terminal
  • Potentiometer Rotation: 270 degrees Rotational Life: 500K Turns
  • Internal temperature Protect: +85 degrees C
  • Storage Temperature: -40 degrees C to +100 degrees C
  • Maximum Internal Temperature: @15A +15 degrees C
  • Enclosure Material: Avantra 8731 polystyrene Meets UL 94
  • Flame Rating: Meets UL94V-0 (@ 0.062"/1.5 mm min.) rating
  • Conforms to RTCA/DO-160G SEC 21: RFE (EMI)
  • One Year limited warranty
  • Weight: 1.31 oz including knob
  • What's in the box?
    MaxDim Micro unit, installation instructions, color coded terminals,
    reference panel label, and knob/s.

MicroDim rev. SWP
" square by 1.9" long
Bushing 9mm by 11mm long
1 knob Single Control
Weight: 1.49 oz. with knob

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