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Customer Feedback

Customer  Feedback

Joe, yesterday I checked the price on a Cessna rheostat that is required to comply with an AD for 14v Cessna aircraft. Cessnaís price for the dimmer was $2060.00! I hope a lot of people replace their Cessna radio lighting and panel lighting dimming with your system. It will save weight, space, eliminate the fire/shorting risk. Iíll replace my 28v dimmers with your system.

Thank you for making a good product for the small aircraft market.
Sincerely, Willy Zeiger, Alaska

Joe - we just put the maxdim to the test on the bench... Very nice!  I just completed an installation of 2 systems in a Cessna 210 and I am sending 2 up to a shop in Fairbanks to check out.

Northern Light Avionics, Anchorage

Joe, You might be interested to know that your dimmers were delivered on 2 head-of-state S-92 aircraft today. Each of these had 7 units. There will be 4 more VIP S-92ís delivered with your dimmers and 1 retrofitted with them this year.

Systems Integration Engineer
Keystone Helicopter Corporation
The Pulser is in and it was a very easy installation!  I've attached a short video of how it looks; I'm happy.  Thanks again Joe, your follow up was great.
Ken Yardy, Canada
Having just installed the Max Dim Dimmer I like the small size and large load capability. The smoothness of operation is like no other. It's easy to install and connect. The STC is a plus too. I'm glad I found it before installing one of the bigger bulkier units available on the market!

Kevin Vietzke
Lake Stevens, WA
I had the MaxPulse installed on November 6th.  There was no convenient place in the (very busy) panel to mount it.  So we had to make a small bracket to mount it below the panel next to the bracket for the hand microphone jack. I have now put 17 hours on the unit and it is working fine.  I love it.  The MaxDim, can be a replacement for the Mooney panel light dimmers.  I had to repair one of those once - actually twice when the first repair did not last.  If I ever have to do that again, I will replace the original with the MaxDim.

Jerry Badger
Terre Haute, Indiana




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